Managing Emails and staying Productive

How to Stay Productive and Avoid the Email Vortex.

Oh-Em-Gee. Emails. They never stop. It’s like your inbox knows as soon as you’ve read all your emails that it should let more in…immediately. And that? Can really muck around with our productivity.

It’s so hard to resist looking at an email because we think – if I just read/clear/respond to that email now, I don’t have to do it later. Unfortunately though, that means we spend less *quality* time getting our other work done and it significantly reduces our productivity.

So how do we get more productive and not fall victim to the email vortex?

Shut down your inbox [hear me out].

Only have your email inbox open when you’re going to read and action the emails. Then? Shut. It. Down.

Create specific times in the day when you’re going to check your emails and respond to them. Then close your inbox down and solely focus on the work you need to be doing.

For example this is what my day looks like:
 - 8:00am - check emails until 8:20
 - 12pm - read and respond to emails until 12:30
 - 2:30pm - read and respond to emails until 2:45
 - 5:30 - read and respond to emails until 6pm. 

You might need to check your emails more often – so what if you try checking your emails every 50minutes then closing your inbox again?

Bottom line? Don’t keep your emails open in the background and you’ll see a *huge* increase in your productivity. I promise!

Remember, tomorrow is tomorrow but today is where the change happens.

Always Respect Yourself

Loretta x.

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