Home Workout Episode 4

And just like that, I’ve got another workout for you to do at home with no equipment necessary!

You’re in complete control of this workout.
You choose the level of intensity.
You choose what exercise MODification works best for you.

Workout Details are below the video xx.

Search interval timer on the App Store to set up a timer for 45sec on/15sec off
3min warm up [10 of each in circuit]
Star Jumps
Opposite Elbow to Knee Twist
Arm Circles [5 in each direction].
3-4 rounds of [45sec on/15sec off]
Crab [sideways] Walking x10 steps with 3 x Squat Pulse
Negative Push Ups
Star Jumps
Squat with 3 x Pulse
Single Leg Deadlift with Knee Drive
Ab Crunch with Legs to Ceiling Reach to Tap Opposite Foot
Lunges with Upper Body Twist
Cool Down Stretch: Hip flexors, quadriceps [front of thigh], hamstrings [back of thigh], spine, chest, shoulder and glutes [buttocks].

You chose to show up, workout and get the many benefits of exercise. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself at the end.

And thanks for watching this video I’m so, so grateful and honoured to be able to help you get, be and stay healthy 💚.

Loretta x

Hey! I’m Loretta

I’m a health coach with over 12 years experience helping lovely people of all shapes and sizes achieve their health goals.

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