Home Workout Episode 2

This workout is for every body. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked out before, have had a big break from exercise or are an exercise enthusiast..this workout has variations to cater for each and every one of you.

So you don’t have to check your watch constantly while doing these workouts, search ‘interval timer’ on your app store. Once downloaded, set it up to 45sec work, and 15sec rest.

Enjoy the endorphin hit afterwards…hopefully you enjoy your time during the workout too #optimistic

See text below for the workout. Modifications are in the video. Enjoy! xx

Workout Details
3min warm up
[10 of each in circuit]
Running on spot
Arm Circles
3 Rounds of 45sec work/15sec rest in circuit
Running side to side
Push ups
Star Jumps
Hip Lifts
[1min break then repeat]
Cool Down
Stretch 1min of each:
Hip flexors [front of hip]
Glutes [backside]
Hamstrings [back of thigh]
Quads [front of thigh]

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