Get your healthy snack work on

Healthy Snacks to Help You Through the Day.

What’s good about healthy snacks? They help keep your stomach satisfied until your next meal *insert cheering here*.

The downside of unhealthy snacks? They do the complete opposite…they don’t ever really *satisfy* our stomach so we’re much more likely to over-indulge *sigh*.

  • So if you feel that snack attack coming on mid morning or mid afternoon, here’s a list of snacks that will help tide you over to your next meal.
    • Natural Yoghurt with Fresh Fruit
    • Handful of natural, unsalted nuts such as almonds or pistachios.
    • Hummus Dip with Carrot
    • Natural peanut butter with apple slices
    • Small Bowl of Edamame
    • Olives [around 10-15]
    • Multigrain rice cakes with cheese and tomato
    • Cheese and Vegemite [hello fellow Australians] on a Light Cracker
    • Natural Peanut Butter on Celery Stick
    • Guacamole + Reduced Salt Tortilla Chips or Crackers
    • Egg [simple, yet very filling due to it’s high protein content]
    • Banana with Almond Butter
    • Banana ‘Nice’ Cream [like ice cream but so much healthier as it’s just frozen banana whipped up]
    • Small Berry Smoothie with Berries + Yoghurt + Seeds [for example pumpkin, or sunflower seeds]
    • Small Handful of Berries [Berries are great due to their low sugar and high antioxidant properties]
    • Trail Mix – Handful of Unsalted Nuts + Tablespoon of Dried Cranberries/Raisins.

For me personally, I like variety in my snacks so when I meal plan each week, I add in my shopping list exactly what snack related items i need to buy from the store. It’s also another great way to prevent me from going off and eating all the not-so-healthy foods my cupboard [or the vending machine] has to offer.

Here’s to healthier snacking Moddies!

Loretta x

P.S If you know of any other healthy snacks – i would LOVE to hear what they are 😃.

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