Feeling Stuck?

I know when times get tough, it’s common for our health to get pushed to the side. It becomes a later problem. You might be able to relate to one or more of these.

– You’re exhausted but can’t sleep

– You’re snacking on lollies and chocolate for energy.

– You’re finding it hard to juggle everything.

– You have little to no ‘me-time’.

– You’re run down and get sick easily.

– You’ve gained weight or are struggling to lose weight.

– You’re sick of taking your frustrations everywhere you go.

– You have zero motivation to workout.

– You’re not as productive as you know you could be.

– You can’t be bothered cooking most nights because your body and brain is drained.

– You know you need to change your not-so-healthy habits but don’t know where to start.

You’re in the Right Place.

Imagine this…You’ve lost weight just by eating better and working out most days. You don’t get angry with yourself if you missed a session or had an indulgent dinner.

You frequently sleep well, and you don’t carry your negative thoughts with you everywhere. You rarely get sick, and you’ve carved out time for yourself and only yourself, weekly. You’re 3x more productive and your energy levels have skyrocketed. You’re more confident in yourself, you respect yourself more and you feel damn good. How did you get here? You’ve put your health first.

Live the ModLife

The Health Upgrade Program is a 12-week interactive video based training program that takes you week by week through all your health frustrations to fix them one by one.

We cover nutrition, exercise [plus workouts for you], sleep, productivity, burn out prevention and so. much. more.

It’s a worry free, effective and ultra supportive program to help you get healthy and most importantly? Stay healthy.

And when I say supportive program I mean it. I’m here to help you every step of the way with weekly 1:1 accountability check ins. Because I truly want you to succeed and achieve your health goals.