Feeling Stuck?

  • I know when times get tough at work, your health is the first thing to get pushed to the side. It becomes a later problem.
  • You’re exhausted but can’t sleep
  • You’re snacking on the office lollies for energy,
  • You’re constantly told you have no work/life ‘balance’
  • You’re struggling to lose or maintain weight
  • You’re sick of taking work frustrations home
  • You have zero motivation to workout
  • You’re not as productive at work like you know you could be.
  • You can’t be bothered cooking most nights because your body and brain is drained
  • You’re convinced you can’t have your career and be healthy. 

You don’t have to be!

Now imagine this…You’ve lost weight just by eating in moderation and working out most days. You don’t crucify yourself if you missed a session or had an indulgent dinner.

You frequently sleep well, and you leave your work thoughts where they belong – at work. You’re working 3x more productively now have the time and energy to socialise with your friends and family. You’ve started to respect yourself.

Live the ModLife

The ModLife is a 12-week interactive video based training program that takes you week by week through all your health and work frustrations to fix them one by one.

We start with your eating habits, give you a workout plan, progress to the science backed ways to get your deepest sleep, educate you on the important signs and symptoms to look out for health wise, and smash your career with some productivity skills that 100% work.

You’ll be supported and held accountable the whole way through.

You’ve worked your ass off for your career to be successful so isn’t it time to make your body successful too?