Preventing Overeating this December

December, the month where everyones calendar goes from busy to insane. We attend social engagements after social engagements and sweet treats seem to pop up *all* around us testing our capacity to say ‘i’ll pass thanks’ on a whole other level.

So how do we enjoy the craziness that December brings without over-indulging?

I my friend have one word for you…protein.

Hear me out because I know you’re staring at the screen thinking ‘what the heck are you on about Loretta?’

Protein helps keep us full for longer. So when you finish your meal with protein, you won’t be craving sweets as much, if at all! #micdrop

The same goes for snacking. Instead of over-indulging on sweets, try out some protein snacks instead.

What are high protein foods you ask?

– Meat
– Fish
– Poultry
– Eggs
– Yoghurt
– Milk
– Legumes
– Tofu
– Nuts [Almonds for example]
– Seeds [Pumpkin seeds for example]
– Oats
– Cottage Cheese
– Quinoa

When you’re out and about having drinks and feeling hungry, eating out, or feeling constantly tempted by sweet treats and other not-so-healthy foods…think ‘what could I have that’s high in protein to stop me from over-indulging?’

Don’t forget, the ModLife isn’t about cutting out not-so-healthy foods entirely.
Nor are we into shaming ourselves when we do happen to over-indulge.

Try to enjoy no-so-healthy foods in moderation this December and enjoy all the holiday cheer without feeling too overfull.

Always Respect Yourself.

Loretta x


Dec 2020

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