Home Workout Episode 3

Welcome to your third edition of the Home Workout Series!

I’ve got variations in this workout for EVERY body.
It doesn’t matter how ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’ you are, I’ve got you covered. Go at your own pace and listen to your body.

Under the video, i’ve written the workout for easy referencing. Enjoy x

Search interval timer on the App Store to set up a timer for
45sec on/15sec off
3min warm up
[10 of each in circuit]
Hanging forward stretch
Star jumps
3-4 rounds of [45sec on/15sec off]
Squats with crunch
Push ups
Sit up with 10 x air punches
Running on spot
Mountain climbers
Lunge with knee drive
Star Jumps
Cool Down
Stretch: Hip flexors, quadriceps [front of thigh], hamstrings [back of thigh], spine, chest and glutes. 

When you’ve completed the workout, don’t forget to congratulate yourself for taking the time to look after you and your health!

Always, always, always celebrate your wins!

Stay safe, stay well and keep respecting yourself.

Loretta x


Apr 2020

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