I’m Loretta

I’m a health coach, and have over a decade of experience helping lovely humans upgrade their health.

I’ve got a degree in exercise and nutrition and a masters in physiotherapy. So when you read the words health coach, you can be assured that I know what I’m talking about….

When times get tough, your health is the first thing to get pushed to the side. It becomes a later problem…until now

We believe healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. All body types are welcome here. Always

No Diet Zone.

We don’t do dieting. Ever.

We believe in eating better, not less.  Also no one likes being hangry…

Live the ModLife

Find out the best ways to help you get a consistent good nights sleep

When the world feels dark, sometimes you have to turn the light on

We shine a light on domestic violence and help women in desperate need of escape.

Proceeds from every sale go to supporting these women.